Comic and Creative Contracts Conference 2017

The inaugural Comic and Creative Contracts - Improving Contracts through Innovation Conference will be held on the beautiful grounds of The University of Western Australia, Perth, 7–8 December 2017.

To improve contract law, we need to think outside the box. At a fundamental level, the complexities of language, different customs and the interests of parties have complicated what appears to be a simple case of offer, acceptance and conduct. The comic book contract is one innovative way which serves to present contracts in a graphic medium so as to  eliminate, or at least minimise, conflicts arising out of differences in language, culture and perception.

Creative contracts also help convey legal concepts to vulnerable groups. Moreover, graphic contracts can help ensure that contracts are read and understood as they are more palatable. There is so much more contract law can offer – if we are just happy to innovate!

Conference themes

The conference has two main themes. The first looks at Comic Book Contracts and visualisation in law. The second considers innovations in creative and comic book contracting and contract design. .

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Contracts are documents written by lawyers for lawyers, and if you are someone of low literacy it is virtually impossible to understand. I think every contract should be made understandable.

Robert de RooyComic Contracts, Lawyers as Changemakers

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