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A successful career in a demanding profession requires comprehensive training.  The Juris Doctor prepares students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become the Lawyer they want to be and that the world needs.

Course Delivery

All qualifying law degrees are required to cover a significant body of legal knowledge. As a postgraduate qualification the JD teaches these core units at a higher level than undergraduate law degrees, ensuring you are thoroughly prepared for the demands of a career in law.

Course Structure

Full time the JD takes three years to complete and consists of 24 units, 17 of which are core and 7 which are options.  The course can be undertaken on a part time basis however a minimum of two units must be taken each semester while undertaking core units.

Each core unit will be taught over four hours per week, with each option unit involving three contact hours per week.

The core unit sequence is as follows:

S1 LAWS4101 Foundations of Law and Lawyering*
S1 LAWS4102 Criminal Law
S1 LAWS4103 Contract
S1 LAWS4104 Property
S2 LAWS4106 Torts
S2 LAWS4107 Land Law
S2 LAWS4108 Foundations of Public Law
S2 LAWS4109 Legal Theory and Ethics

S1 LAWS5109 Dispute Resolution 
S1 LAWS5101 Constitutional Law
S1 LAWS5103 Equity and Trusts
S2 LAWS5102 Administrative Law
S2LAWS5104Corporations Law

S1 LAWS5107 Evidence
S1 LAWS5108  Commercial Practice 
S2  LAWS5115 Procedure

In addition to the above, students will also take 2 option units in year two, and five in year three. Option unit availability will change each year and can be found in the UWA Handbook under the Course Structure heading.

*In order to establish a core body of theoretical and skills based knowledge at the commencement of the course, Foundation of Law and Lawyering is delivered intensively.  Intensive classes are delivered full time over a condensed time frame.  Foundations of Law and Lawyering will be delivered Monday to Friday for the first two weeks of semester one (this unit was formerly titled Legal Process).


The Juris Doctor is fully Commonwealth Supported. Information on deferring fees through HECS may be found on the HECS-HELP page.

All requests for information on International fees should be directed to the International Centre.

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