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The LSAT is an independent, international test administered by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC), which sends results directly to the UWA Law School. The LSAT can be taken in any Australian capital city and in many countries around the world. Applicants should consult the LSAC website to confirm all registration and test date information as dates may vary depending on the centre location. Applicants who have taken the test within the last five years may use those results for admission purposes. 

Do I have to sit the LSAT?

All applicants for the UWA JD are required to sit the LSAT prior to applying. Only UWA Direct Pathway Students and those applying via the Indigenous Pathway are exempt from sitting the LSAT.

What can I expect in the LSAT?

The LSAT comprises five multiple choice sections of 35 minutes each and a 35 minute writing sample. The writing sample does not go toward the calculation of your LSAT score, although we receive this sample.

The LSAT has three types of questions:

  1. Reading comprehension
  2. Analytical reasoning
  3. Logical reasoning

Go to About the LSAT on the LSAC website for a more detailed description of these three question types and what to expect in the LSAT. Information on how the questions in the LSAT are relevant in testing an applicant's aptitude to study law are also available.

How should I prepare for the LSAT?

In order to perform to your true ability, it is strongly recommended that you take the time to prepare for the LSAT. The LSAC website includes information on LSAT Preparation Materials, providing links to sample questions with explanations and a couple of sample LSAT tests. Many bookshops also stock LSAT prep books which can be ordered online (some offer next day delivery within Australia) if not stocked in the shops. Applicants are encouraged to download the sample LSAT test online and sit it under exam conditions to decide for themselves if further preparation is needed. 

Where can I get more help to prepare for the LSAT?

Many local bookshops stock LSAT prep books which can be ordered online. If in stock, some offer next day delivery within Australia (which is likely to be quicker than delivery if you order through LSAC). These books are very useful in assisting applicants to perform to their true ability. There is also plenty of material available online that provides tips and assistance with LSAT preparation. 

The UWA Law School will also run a short preparation sessions before each LSAT. Please refer to the events section of our facebook page for further information. This session will look briefly at what you can expect on the day of the test and will provide an opportunity for you to go through some sample questions with a JD staff member.

Will the selection committee read my LSAT essay?

The Law School Selection Committee will not use the LSAT essay when assessing applications.

What LSAT score do I need?

The minimum LSAT score required for admission is 150. The LSAT is one of two selection criteria for entry into the JD, the other being the applicant's academic results.  The two criteria are assessed in a holistic way and no single criterion is determinative.

When can I sit the LSAT?

For entry into the UWA JD in mid 2018,  the final LSAT that can be taken is on Sunday 24th June (registration closes 1st May 2018). LSAT scores are valid for five years and the test can be taken three times in any two year period.  Further information is available on the LSAC website.  

Where can I sit the LSAT?

The LSAT is administered by UWA and the venue will be advised after registration. A full list of LSAT testing centres across Australia and New Zealand can be found on the LSAC website

Can I resit the LSAT?

If you believe that your test score does not reflect your true ability, you can resit the LSAT. Please visit the LSAC website to check the number of times you are allowed to sit the test.

If I resit the LSAT, which score does the selection committee take into consideration?

The selection committee will note all your scores but will use your highest score when considering your application. 

How does UWA retrieve my results?

You must include your 8 digit LSAC account number where indicated on the online application form. This allows us to download your LSAT scores directly from LSAC once results are released.

How do I register?

You must register for the LSAT online at the LSAC website.