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Gain expertise to pursue careers in the mining and energy industries and natural resources more generally by gaining a strong understanding of the regulatory and commercial context; apart from mining and oil and gas law this includes corporate governance, environmental laws, climate change, human rights, commercial agreements and construction contracts.

All of the following short courses are part of the UWA Law Masters program and participants study alongside those engaged in a full degree program.

Resources Law Short Courses

Australian Oil and Gas Law

Ocean Beach road

The workshop will be accessible not only to lawyers entering the field, but also to those already concerned with oil and gas issues, government officials, resource company personnel, and others who seek to improve their expertise in oil and gas. 
Date: 20-22 March 2018


Regulation: Theory and Practice

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This unit provides a grounding in the increasingly important and pervasive field of regulation.
Date: 8-9 and 15-16 March 2018


International Oil and Gas Law

International Oil Rig

The content of the short course reflects the current conditions of petroleum exploration and exploitation internationally.

 Not running 2018


Resource Taxation

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This unit looks at the Australian taxation of resource businesses and ventures. It covers both domestic and cross border aspects with relevant foreign law insights. 
Date: 3-6 April 2018


Climate Change and Emissions Trading

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This short course critically examines in detail the Australian Government's clean energy legislation, issues for the various state governments, emissions trading schemes and carbon taxes more generally, and the international context in which they operate.

 Date: 18-20 July 2018

Corporate Governance for Resources Companies

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Fundamentals of corporate governance with a particular focus on listed resources companies. Topics covered include the general principles of good corporate governance, the applicable duties of directors, stock exchange rules, the role of board committees, accounting and solvency issues.

Date: 21-24 August 2018

Water Resources Law

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Topics include institutional frameworks; water access rights; water resources planning; administration of statutory entitlements; demand management and water source planning; and catchment management for water quality protection. 
Not running 2018

Oil and Gas Agreements

International Oil Rig

The Oil and Gas Agreements course offers a unique insight into the relationship between joint-venturers, the complicated planning and approval phase of a project, transportation and delivery of product, and the long-term nature of the purchase and sale arrangements.

Date: 30 October -1 November 2018

Mining Law

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This short course examines the economics and geology of natural resources in Western Australia; land open for mining and native title; the constitutional framework; public and private ownership of minerals; history, theory and systems of resources.

Date: 7-9 November 2018

Construction Law

Australian mining truck

The workshop examines the fundamentals of construction law with an emphasis on their use in the context of petroleum and mining projects. The nature of resource project contracting arrangements and construction contracts will be covered along with common terms in construction contracts, risk allocation in construction contracts and contract formation.

Date: 20- 23 November 2018

Environmental Protection Law

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This three day short course will be of value to practitioners in the area and those interested in exploring the regulatory framework for environmental protection in Western Australia..

Date: 26-28 September 2018