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Our Law, Policy and Government short course series aims to provide professionals with an understanding of socio-legal theory, policy development and the skills required to work in or with governments.

All of the following short courses are part of the UWA Law Masters program and participants study alongside those engaged in a full degree program.

Government Accountability-Law and Practice

Continuing growth and diversification in government has seen a concomitant rise in the number (and reach) of accountability agencies.  These bodies have responsibility for overseeing, investigating and educating the public sector in relation to matters such as corruption, misconduct, good decision making, and avoiding conflicts of interest.  Government Accountability – Law and Practice, using the WA accountability framework as a starting focus, builds broadly upon traditional Administrative Law to equip students with a deeper and more practical understanding of contemporary public sector accountability.  This is valuable to anyone working in or with the various levels of Australian government.
Class are taught in seminar format, with a range of high-level guest presenters.

Topics covered include:

  • the place of government in the modern state;
  • the evolution of Administrative Law;
  • the broad accountability framework; and
  • the theoretical underpinnings, evolving law and practice, and regulation of various accountability or ‘integrity’ agencies.

Event type: Five day short course - daily modules available
Date: Offered next in January/February 2020
Lead presenters: Mr Chris Field and Professor Simon Young
Fee: TBA
More information (assessment is for enrolled postgraduate students only)

Foundations of Law and Governance

This short course examines the fundamental principles and concepts of law and government in Australia (including the role of international law) in historical and political context. It studies the principle sources of law in Australia and the key aspects of the relevant areas of law. The unit explores the concept of ‘good governance' and key theories and debates associated with the law and governance. These concepts provide context for policy processes.

Event type: Five day short course - daily modules available
Date: 24, 25 and 27, 28 July 2018
Unit Coordinator: Kate Offer
Fee: $1,950.00
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More information (assessment is for enrolled postgraduate students only)
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Regulation: Theory and Practice

Regulation: Theory and Practice provides a grounding in the increasingly important and pervasive field of regulation, appropriate for those who find themselves dealing with regulatory matters in both the public and private sectors.  

The unit is designed to enable students to situate their regulatory experience within a firm framework of theory and principle, and to understand, analyse and criticize ongoing efforts to improve the quality of regulation.

Classes are taught in seminar format. Topics covered include:

  • The modern scope of regulation;
  • Theories explaining its development and operation;
  • Regulatory techniques; and
  • The legal, economic and political environments of regulatory activity.

Date: TBA - March 2019
Venue: The University of Western Australia, 2.94 Law Postgraduate Teaching Room
Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Unit CoordinatorMr Joe Fardin
Cost: $3,300/4 day course or $1,650 per two day block