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Tax law impacts the outcomes of all business and work activities, distinguish yourself with specialist knowledge in this globally critical field.

The University of Western Australia’s Law School offers a Taxation Law short course program for tax practitioners who wish to establish their career as a tax law specialist.

All of the following short courses are part of the UWA Law Masters program and participants study alongside those engaged in a full degree program.

Taxation Law Short Courses

BEPS and Transfer Pricing

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This short course examines the internationally important area of transfer pricing. It will accordingly look at fundamental sources applicable to transfer pricing, how to carry out a functional analysis and other issues in a transfer pricing context .

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Advanced Capital Gains Tax

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This short course will focus on the technical aspects of the law of capital gains taxation around the various CGT events.

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Resource Taxation

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This short course looks at the Australian taxation of resource businesses and ventures. It covers both domestic and cross border aspects with relevant foreign law insights.

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Tax Dispute Resolution and Litigation

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This 4-day executive education short course is designed to provide an applied and practical approach to dispute and conflict resolution in the taxation environment, enhancing your understanding of tax disputes.

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Advanced Australian International Taxation

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This short course reviews the application of Australian income tax law to international transactions and structures. It covers both in bound and out bound scenarios.

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Legal Issues for Not-for-Profit Entities

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This four-day executive education short course examines the nature, function, governance and regulation of not-for-profit (NFP) entities in Australia, with a focus on charities.


Taxation Law of a Foreign State (China)

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This short course brings participants up to date with key principles of the income tax and other relevant tax of a foreign country. It also examines the tax administration system and relevant legal and equivalent institutions of the country.

19-22 September 2017
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Goods and Services Taxation

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This short course examines the law around goods and services taxation in Australia (GST) and you will learn how to effectively apply the core concepts of the GST law and apply a wide range of legal and academic sources to Australian GST issues.

17-20 October 2017
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Double Tax Agreements and International Tax Law

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Core principles of international tax law as they apply around the world and the policy issues supporting them will be covered in this short course. It will thoroughly examine Double Taxation Agreements with a focus on the current version of the OECD model.

10-13 October 2017
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Advanced Australian Corporate Taxation

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This 4-day executive education short course provides participants with relevant knowledge and understanding of corporate taxation law rules applicable to companies and shareholders in Australia.

22-25 January 2018
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Taxation of Trusts

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This short covers the complex Australian legal framework for taxation of trusts in relation to both domestic and foreign trusts.

Next offered - 2018
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