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  • TBA 2013


  • Consumer Research Unit



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  • 7 points (competency areas 1, 2 and 3) - see brochure for further information

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Current Issues in Consumer Law and Policy is a diverse program which provides students with an opportunity to learn about and discuss the major changes underway in Australian consumer regulation.


The workshop is held over four days with each day focusing on specific themes.

Day 1
After an introduction to the course by Eileen Webb and Aviva Freilich, Day 1 focuses on Consumers, consumer policy and the law. The presenters are Mr Chris Field, WA Ombudsman and Mr Lyndon Rowe, Chairman of the Economic Regulation Authority. Ms Tracey Atkins will cover Deregulation of Trading Hours and Industry Code of Practice

Day 2
Mr Lynden Griggs will discuss the history of Australian consumer law and unfair contract terms Following a practical exercise on unfair contracts, Mr Matt Crowley, Department of Commerce, will talk about a regulator’s perspective on Australian Consumer Law.

Day 3
Mr Lynden Griggs together with Ms Aviva Freilich will focus on Consumer guarantees followed by Identity Theft: a threat to consumers. The second half of Day 3 will cover the topic of vulnerable consumers. Ms Irina Cattelini from the Western Australian Council of Social Service will talk about the role of WACOSS and Eileen Webb will discuss housing and accommodation issues for WA consumers.

Day 4
Eileen Webb will discuss recent developments in Australian credit law, in particular the National Credit Code and the Responsible Lending provisions of the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 (Cth). A case study on credit and debt issues facing humanitarian entrants will be led by Eileen Webb and Alicia Snyders. Eileen Webb finishes the program with a session called ‘where are we now and what next for Australian consumer law? This session will examine the recent Australian Consumer Survey and canvass upcoming developments in Consumer Law.


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Guest presenters include industry representatives from: