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Contemporary Government and Regulation Research Hub


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Members and Contacts

Associate Professor Sarah Murray

Assistant Professor Jacinta Dharmananda

Assistant Professor Ian Murray

Associate Professor Natalie Skead

Adjunct Professor Richard Hooker

Professor Simon Young

In addition, the Research Hub comprises a number of professional and institutional affiliates, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate researchers.

WA Parliament

The Law Faculty’s Contemporary Government & Regulation Research Hub was created with the objective of fostering research and academic collaboration in relation to legal issues relevant to government, legislation and regulation. The Research Hub’s key strengths come from the broad spectrum of public law and regulatory interests of its researchers across various aspects of government and regulation.

Image: Parliament of Western Australia

Research Areas

Particular areas of focus for the Research Hub are:

  • The impact of the parliamentary process on legislation and regulation.
  • The constitutional nature of the contemporary ‘court’ and the constitutionality of contemporary court functions and processes and their inter-relationship with the other branches of government.
  • The response of judicial review to the blurring of government and business and government and not-for-profit boundaries.
  • Statutory interpretation.
  • The intersection of public and private law limits for not-for-profits.

Recent Publications / Grants

Books and Chapters

Sarah Murray,The Remaking of the Courts: Less-Adversarial Practice and the Constitutional Role of the Judiciary in Australia (Federation Press, forthcoming)

Simon Young, ‘Privative clauses: Politics, Legality and the Constitutional Dimension’ in M Groves (ed), Modern Administrative Law in Australia: Concepts and Context (in press)

Sarah Murray, ‘State Initiation of Section 128 Referenda’ in Paul Kildea, Andrew Lynch and George Williams (eds), Tomorrow’s Federation (Federation Press) (2012) 332-349.


Ian Murray, ‘Native Title Tax Reforms: Bull’s Eye or Wide of the Mark?’ (2013) 41(3) Federal Law Review (forthcoming)

Ian Murray, ‘Fierce Extremes: Will Tax Endorsement Stymie More Nuanced Enforcement by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission?’ (2013) 15(2) Journal of Australian Taxation (forthcoming)

Simon Young, ‘From the Bike to the Bus: The Noongar Native Title Settlement’, Native Title Newsletter, Aug 2013, 18

Sarah Murray and James A Thomson, ‘A Western Australian Constitution?: Documents, Difficulties and Dramatis Personae’ (2013) 36(2) University of Western Australia Law Review 1-47

Sarah Murray, 'Forcing Parliamentary Rollback - High Court Intervention in Australian Electoral Legislative Reform' (2012) 11(3) Election Law Journal 316-330

Sarah Murray, ‘Australian State Courts and Chapter III of the Commonwealth Constitution – Interpretation and Re-Interpretation and the Creation of Australian Constitutional “Orthodoxy”’ (2012) 24 Giornale di Storia Costituzionale 145-158

Ian Murray, ‘Looking for Direct Assistance in the Phrase “Public Benevolent Institution”: Time to Abandon the Search’ (2012) 35(1) UNSW Law Journal 103

Jacinta Dharmananda, 'The Commonwealth strikes back: Clarifying amendments to the Acts Interpretation Act 1901 (Cth)' (2011) 35 Australian Bar Review 116.

Simon Young and Sarah Murray ‘An Elegant Convergence? The Constitutional Entrenchment of ‘Jurisdictional Error’ Review in Australia’ (2011) 11 Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal 117-142

Simon Young et al, ‘Probing the Frontiers of Administrative Law’ (2011) 67 Australian Institute of Administrative Law Forum 1-34

Grant Projects

Jacinta Dharmananda, ‘The Making of Legislation: An Inside View for Students’ – October 2013. Improving Student Learning Grant to conduct a series of recorded interviews with people with a significant role in the process of making Commonwealth legislation.

Recent Activities

UWA Tax Forum

Law Summer School (UWA & WA Law Society Event) 21 February 2014 Assistant Professor Jacinta Dharmananda will present a paper on statutory interpretation.

Intensive course: ‘Government Accountability – Law and Practice’ - Feb 2014 Professor Simon Young and Adjunct Professor Chris Field

WA Constitutional Centre Lecture Series 2013, Electoral Regulation Research Network and Australian Association of Constitutional Law Event: Voting For Upper Houses - Practical Problems And Sensible Reforms – 12 November 2013. Chaired by Associate Professor Sarah Murray

UWA Tax Forum: Board of Taxation Perspectives on Contemporary Revenue Law – 10 October 2013. Convened by Assistant Professor Ian Murray

WA Constitutional Centre Lecture Series 2013 and Australian Association of Constitutional Law Seminar: “The ‘Glorious Revolution’ Down Under, Parliamentary Privilege and the Bill of Rights 1689 (UK): Its Application in Criminal Proceedings against Members of Parliament: England and Australia compared” - 4 September 2013. Co-organised by Associate Professor Sarah Murray.

WA Constitutional Centre Lecture Series 2013 and Australian Association of Constitutional Law Seminar: ‘The 4th Arm of Government’ - 6 August 2013. Chaired by Professor Simon Young and co-organised by Associate Professor Sarah Murray.

WA Constitutional Centre Lecture Series 2013 and Australian Association of Constitutional Law Seminar: ‘Implied Freedom of Political Communication: New Dimensions’ – 30 July 2013. Co-organised by Associate Professor Sarah Murray.

Presentation for the Australian Institute of Administrative Law - 15 May 2013 – Professor Simon Young presented the paper ‘The Post-Kirk Ouster Debates and the Changing Face of Accountability’.

State Solicitor’s Office – CPD Programme for Government Lawyers – March 2013 – Assistant Professor Jacinta Dharmananda presented the paper ‘The Interpretation of Subsidiary Legislation’.