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EditorLaurentia McKessar 

Laurentia McKessar

Editorial Board: 2010

Laurentia graduated as the top Law student in 2010 and was awarded the Hackett Foundation Alumni Honours Scholarship in that year. She was the recipient of a number of prizes including the Mallesons Stephen Jaques Prize for the best honours dissertation, Blackstone Prize for Constitutional Law, Freehills Prize, Deacons Prize in Corporations Law, Thomson Legal Prize in Evidence and Minter Ellison Prize in Administrative Law. While studying Laurentia worked as the Professional Legal Research Assistant to the WA State Solicitor and WA Solicitor General. Laurentia is currently an Associate to Chief Justice French of the High Court of Australia. 

The University of Western Australia Law Review (UWA Law Review) is published twice a year.

It provides a forum for the airing of articles on topics of current legal significance and practical notes on Australian case and statute law. It includes articles on a broad range of topics of national and international importance, but also encourages articles with a Western Australian focus.

The UWA Law Review has the distinction of being the oldest university law journal in Australia. It was first published in 1948 and now appears in print and on line. From 2012 the UWALR will be included in the Australasian Legal Scholarship Library which is one of the largest collections of legal scholarship on the World Wide Web and accessed at http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/journals/. All articles in the Library are also included in the LawCite international citator - http://www.austlii.edu.au/LawCite/ Articles may be searched for by journal (citation), author, or article name.

The UWA Law Review is edited by a Student Editorial Board under the supervision of a senior member of the Academic Staff and benefits from the advice of a distinguished Editorial Advisory Board.
Rigorous editorial standards are applied by the UWA Law Review, including a double-blind refereeing process.

The journal has approximately 450 subscribers for its hard copy issues. Half of these are university libraries (in Australasia, North America and the United Kingdom). Approximately 70 Commonwealth and State government departments (including Commonwealth and State court libraries) subscribe. The remaining subscribers are law firms and individual lawyers in Australia and abroad.