Faculty of Law

Volume 33 (2006-2007)


Issue 1


  • The Liaison Between Law and Literature
    Nicholas Hasluck (pp 1-22)
  • Ten Parables for Freshly-minted Lawyers
    Michael Kirby (pp 23-30)
  • The Private Taking of Land: Adverse Possession, Encroachment by Buildings and Improvement Under a Mistake
    Pamela O'Connor (pp 31-62)
  • Implied Obligations of Good Faith and Reasonableness in the Performance of Contracts: Old Wine in New Bottles?
    Geoffrey Kuehne (pp 63-107)
  • A Radical Solution to Problems with the Statutory Definition of Consumer: All Transactions Are Consumer Transactions
    Aviva YM Freilich (pp 108-131)
  • Total Failure of Consideration
    John Tarrant (pp 132-152)
  • Unmasking the Politics of Native Title: The National Native Title Tribunals Application of the NTA's Arbitration Provisions
    Tony Corbett and Ciaran O'Faircheallaigh (pp 153-177)

Issue 2


  • The Future of Child Support
    Patrick Parkinson (pp 179-206)
  • Landlords and Tenants Behaving Badly? The Application of Unconscionable and Unfair Conduct to Commercial Leases in Australia and the United Kingdom
    Neil Crosby, Sandi Murdoch and Eileen Webb  (pp 207-250)
  • A New Look at Anthony Forster's Contribution to the Development of the Torrens System
    Antonio Esposito (pp 251-288)
  • The Licensing of Sex Work: Regulating an Industry or Enforcing Public Morality?
    Thomas Crofts and Tracey Summerfield (pp 289-306)
  • The Definition of Terrorist Act in Part 5.3 of the Commonwealth Criminal Code
    George Syrota (pp 307-350)
  • Preventing Crime or Punishing Propensities? A Purposive Examination of the Preventative Detention of Sex Offenders in Queensland and Western Australia
    Michelle Edgely (pp 351-386)
  • A New Limitation Act for the 21st Century
    Peter Handford (pp 387-414)
  • Ambition Versus Judicial Reality: Causation and Remoteness Under Civil Liability Legislation
    Susan Bartie (pp 415-436)

Book Review

  • On Villainy, Lord Millett (pp 437-440)
    Reviewed by John Tarrant

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