Faculty of Law

Volume 35 (2010-2011)


Issue 1

  • On Being a Chapter III Judge
    Justice Michael Barker (1-34)
  • Constitutional Review of Executive Decisions – Australia’s US Legacy
    Chief Justice Robert French AC (35-48)
  • The Knowing Receipt ‘Knowledge’ Requirement and Restitution's ‘Good Faith’ Change of Position Defence: Two Sides of the Same Coin?
    Arlen Duke (49-80)
  • Beyond the Separation of Powers: Judicial Review and the Regulatory Proscription of Terrorist Organisations
    Oscar Roos, Benjamin Hayward and John Morss (81-118)
  • The Criminal Code (Cth) Comes to the Northern Territory: Why Did the Original Criminal Code 1983 (NT) Last Only 20 Years?
    Andrew Hemming (119-156)
  • Protection of Military Medical Personnel in Armed Conflicts
    Peter de Waard and John Tarrant (157-184)
  • A Natural Selection? The Potential and Possibility for the Development of Less Adversarial Trials by Reference to the Experience of the Family Court of Australia
    Deputy Chief Justice John Faulks (185-196)
  • An Interview with Chief Judge Antoinette Kennedy
    Catherine Fletcher (197-201)

Issue 2

Issue 2 will be published mid 2011.


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