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Enrolment and timetables


UWA offers you on-line access to effectively manage your enrolment.

All continuing undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students must re-enrol online via studentConnect. Late fees apply outside the advertised re-enrolment periods

  1. Managing your undergraduate enrolment
  2. Postgraduate enrolment
  3. Summer session units
  4. Invalid units
  5. Quota restricted units
  6. Changing your enrolment
  7. Lapsed/discontinued students
  8. Transferring course
  9. Deferring your studies
  10. Planning to study at another university in Australia
  11. Going on exchange to study overseas
  12. Timetables
  13. Census dates

Postgraduate enrolment

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Summer session units

The Faculty of Law runs units over the summer in January and February.

To enrol in summer units just add the unit during the Summer enrolment period. Select "S" for Summer in the semester code.

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Invalid units

When you enrol on-line in a unit and it is identified as invalid, check whether you meet all the prerequisites. If you do not meet all the prerequisites you should either withdraw from the unit or seek special approval from the Faculty Administrative Officer.

You should still attend lectures, laboratory and tutorial classes for the invalid units until you have received advice from the Faculty.

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Quota restricted units

The Faculty has two units restricted by quota:

LAWS3336 Negotiation and Mediation (preference given to final-year students)
LAWS3366 Forensic Advocacy (preference given to final-year students)

Students register an expression of interest by enrolling in the unit/s (Students can enrol in any or all of the teaching periods offered).  This enrolment will show as INVALID until enrolment is confirmed by the Faculty.  If the unit is oversubscribed, places will be balloted.  Students who are not successful in receiving a place in the units can opt to place their name on a waiting list.

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Changing your enrolment

In the majority of cases, you can change your enrolment on-line through studentConnect.

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Lapsed/discontinued students

If your enrolment status through studentConnect shows as Lapsed or Discontinued and you are still within the time limit of your degree, you will need to complete an Application for Re-admission. It is important that you do so within the re-re-enrolment deadlines set by Student Administration. Following the decision by the Faculty of Law, Student Administration will advise you of the outcome and, if successful, how to enrol.

Rule covers time limits for completion of courses, whether taken on a full-time or part-time basis.

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Transferring course

Please see the Student Administration website for full details on course transfer.

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Deferring your studies

If you are planning to take time off from your law studies it is important that you discuss your plans with a Faculty adviser first and, if appropriate, apply for approved leave.

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Planning to study at another university in Australia

The faculty policy on cross-institutional study outlines what you need to do before being able to study units cross-institutionally.  You will see that other than in exceptional circumstances (such as temporary or permanent relocation interstate):

  • you will not be permitted to complete more than two units cross-institutionally
  • you will not be permitted to complete any core units cross-institutionally
  • you will not be permitted to enrol in a unit at another institution within the State where that unit or a similar unit is offered at UWA.

Please follow Student Administration instructions on the application process and note the deadlines. Once approved, you need to ensure you are enrolled at UWA and the host university. The codes to use are listed on the back of the UWA form. Most often, Law students will use the code ENRL3003.

You will not be able to add the cross-institutional unit code to your enrolment on-line through studentConnect. If you will be studying at UWA for part of the year, you can re-enrol on-line to add the UWA units and obtain a change of enrolment form from Student Administration to add the cross-institutional code.

If your enrolment in the year is all cross-institutional you will need to obtain a hard copy enrolment form from Student Administration. If you can't make it to Student Administration in person, they can arrange your change of enrolment by fax or e-mail.

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Going on exchange to study overseas

Once you have visited the Student Exchange Office, have carefully considered the Faculty information on law exchange and the exchange units you wish to study have been approved by the Faculty exchange academic adviser, you must ensure you are enrolled at UWA and your host institution.

Add the exchange units to your enrolment using a hard copy change of enrolment form from Student Administration, using the code which correlates with the number of UWA equivalent points you will be studying on exchange:

  • EXCH0929 equates to 12UWA points
  • EXCH0919 equates to 18 UWA points
  • EXCH0909 equates to 24 UWA points
  • EXCH0959 equates to 30 UWA points

If you are going on exchange for the whole year,you need to enrol in both semesters using the hard copy enrolment form from Student Administration.

If you are studying overseas for one semester, enrol in the appropriate semester for the exchange unit using the hard copy enrolment form and on-line for UWA units in the other semester.

If you cannot make it to Student Administration in person, they can arrange your enrolment via fax or e-mail.

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To register for laboratory and tutorial classes, use the on-line class registration system (OLCR). This is available a few weeks before the start of each semester. If any of your units do not allow for on-line class registration, you will need to visit the relevant discipline or School office or attend your first lecture for more information.

Use on-line timetables for all other information related to classes. If you can't find information for your unit, contact the school which teaches that unit.

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Census dates

You may withdraw without academic penalty as long as you do so before the census dates. However, if you wish to withdraw from core law units please first review the information on recommended unit progression. If in doubt seek advice from the Faculty Adviser.

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