Summer 2016/2017 - postgraduate intensive units : Law School : The University of Western Australia

Law School

Summer 2016/2017 - postgraduate intensive units

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Associate Dean (Students)
Dr Natalie Skead


Oil and Gas Agreements (LAWS5532, TS-N-4, 2016)

23-25 November
Unit Coordinator: Professor John Chandler

Negotiation and Mediation (LAWS5158, TS-N-5, 2016)

28 November - 2 December
Unit Coordinator: Associate Professor Jill Howieson

International Humanitarian Law (LAWS5220, TS-N-4, 2016)

28-29 November and 1-2 December
Unit Coordinator: Mr Nathan Landis


Construction Law (LAWS5398, 2016)

2, 5-7 December 2016
Unit Coordinator, Professor John Chandler


Employment Law (LAWS5360, Summer, 2017)

16-19, 23-25, 30-31 January and 1-2,4,6-9, 11 February
Examination on February 24th
Unit Coordinator, Emeritus Professor Bill Ford


Working with China: Business in a Socio-legal Context (LAWS5210, TS-D-1B,2017)

9-12 February
Unit Coordinator, Professor Ken Shao