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All students enrolling at UWA for the first time are required to complete Academic Conduct Essentials (ACE).
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This page provides basic information relating to the submission of Law assignments. Students should familiarise themselves with the University's Assessment Policy for further information.

Your lecturer may allow for multiple types of submissions, however, written work must be submitted in a digital format through the University's Learning Management System (LMS) or as an alternative format, indicated in the Unit Outline. Information about submitting an assignment is described in the Unit Outline under the heading Submission Procedure for Assignments.

All Law assignments require an assignment cover sheet, see below.

Assignment cover sheets

How to Submit an Assignment on LMS Blackboard

There are two different assignment submission tools in LMS. If you're not sure which is being used, ask your unit coordinator. Some lecturers also return comments and marks online in LMS. Step by step instructions

If you experience difficulty uploading your assignment contact any University Library

Word and Page Limits

Where a word limit is specified, all words in the text of the assignment (including headings and in-text references) are included in the word count. Footnotes are not included in the word count provided they are used only to give citations or other brief information. If footnotes are used more extensively to provide commentary then these additional words may be counted.

Where author-date or Harvard-style referencing has been approved by the Unit Coordinator, the word count for those assignments also includes author-date citations in-text such as (Daly, 2009) as well as page numbers that are part of citations (Daly, 2009, p. 34). However, it does not include the list of references that you include at the end of your document.

A penalty is to be imposed for assignments exceeding the word or page limit. Where there is a word limit the marks will be reduced by the percentage by which the word limit was exceeded. Where there is a page limit that portion of the assignment exceeding the page limit will not be marked.

A higher % of the total Unit mark may be justified where the assignment includes additional elements such as a class presentation.

Plagiarism and Academic Policies

Academic misconduct, including plagiarism, is covered by the University's guidelines on academic conduct. There is further information about ethical scholarship on the UWA My Course student support webpage.

  • Cheating in tests or examinations, such as copying from another student, or taking unauthorised materials into the test or examination room is not permitted.
  • Plagiarism is presenting another's work as though it were one's own; for instance, quoting or paraphrasing someone else's opinions, arguments or research findings, whether published or unpublished, without clear acknowledgement of the source. (No source need be given for commonly accepted matters of fact.)
  • Falsifying results of experiments or research studies.
  • Collusion - for example, writing an assignment jointly and submitting it as the work of one individual unless it is clearly designated a group project.
  • Helping someone else to commit any dishonest act such as those listed above.

The consequences for misconduct can be severe, including exclusion from the University.

Late submission

Where an assignment is submitted late and no extension has been granted, a penalty of 5% per day of the total mark available for that assessment for each day it is late must be imposed. For example, a student who receives a raw mark of 65 out of 100 on an assessment submitted 1 day late will have their mark reduced to 60; a student who receives a raw mark of 15 out of 20 on an assessment submitted 1 day late will have their mark reduced to 14. The weekend is counted as 2 days (that is, any assessment that is due on a Friday but submitted over the weekend and therefore recorded as being submitted on a Monday must attract a 10% penalty). As a result, the School encourages Unit Coordinators to set deadlines earlier rather than later in the week and to avoid setting Friday deadlines. Assessments are to be considered 1 day late if they are submitted after 12 noon on the due date in the manner specified in the Assessment Mechanism Statement. Students cannot avoid a late penalty by e-mailing their assessments to the School unless online submission is an approved submission method for that piece of assessment.

Assignment Extensions - Special Consideration

If you believe that your study has been severely affected by serious illness or other factors outside of your control, you can apply for special consideration. Requests for approval of late submission of assignments are to be made by submitting a Special Consideration form to the Arts and Law Student Office. Details of extensions granted in respect of a particular assessment task in a Unit will be forwarded to the Unit Coordinator. Unless exception circumstances apply, an application for extension must be submitted before the assessment due date. All requests for special consideration, including the application for assignment extension, must be made using the form and the appropriate supporting documents. Application form and required documentation.

A student should not wait for their results to come out before applying for special consideration.

Applications for special consideration will be assessed, where possible, within three (3) University working day of submission. Notification of the outcome of any application will be communicated by email to the student’s university email address.