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Our School

UWA Law School has a proud history of 90 years of excellence in legal educationscholarship and research. We are the oldest law school in Western Australia and the fifth oldest in Australia. Founded in 1927, the first Chair Professor Frank Beasley developed a close relationship with local practitioners and judges who assisted with teaching. This close association between the legal profession and the UWA Law School continues, ensuring our students have the opportunity to engage with experts and leaders in all areas of law. UWA Law School is committed to upholding the rule of law, and the promotion of the highest standards of ethical conduct, professional responsibility, and community service.

From the outset, UWA Law School developed a reputation for academic excellence. Our flagship qualifying degree has undergone several significant changes since 1927, continuously responding to both current and future needs and challenges to ensure we continue to produce the highest quality law graduates. Most recently, in 2013 the Bachelor of Laws was replaced with the Juris Doctor to better prepare our graduates for contemporary legal practice.

A hallmark of the our success has been the consistently high rates of employment of UWA Law School graduates, as well as the large number of alumni that have distinguished themselves in a variety of fields. Among the UWA Law School?s alumni are magistrates, District, Supreme and High Court judges; Queen's Counsel and Senior Counsel; barristers, solicitors, and in-house counsel; legal academics; politicians, including a Prime Minister, State Premiers, federal and state ministers and members of parliament; philanthropists, conservationists, writers, journalists and social commentators, to name but a few. Several of our graduates have been awarded Rhodes, Fulbright and a range of other prestigious scholarships to further their legal education at the world's leading law schools.

As the UWA Law School celebrates its 90th Anniversary, we continue to build on our heritage of academic excellence, providing a broad range of education programs and leading research projects with impact. We are committed to contributing to our local, national and international communities with the continuing valued support of our alumni and national and international partners.

Our Students

Our students excel in the classroom and beyond. Recent student success includes a Young Australian of the Year, a West Australian of the Year (Youth Award) and a  Lawyers Weekly, Law Student of the Year.
Our students participate in a number of mooting competitions including the Jessup International Moot in which they have enjoyed remarkable and sustained success. Our teams are consistently amongst the national winners or runners up and go on to compete in the international rounds in Washington DC. In 2002, the UWA Law School team was world champion. Our students participate and have achieved success in many other mooting competitions, winning the Michael Kirby Contract Law Moot in 2014.
The Blackstone Society, the UWA Law student society, has a wide range of educational, social, careers, equity, diversity and social justice-related programs and initiative that support and enrich the experience of all UWA Law students. The Blackstone Society takes an active role in representing students on various Law School, Faculty and University committees. The Blackstone Society has received many commendations and awards, including through the the UWA Guild and the Australian Law Student Association (ALSA). It has been acknowledged for its work and initiatives in the areas of equity and student well-being including Stress Less Week, the Beyond Blue Quiz Night and support for students to undertake a Mental Health First Aid Course. It has also been recognised for its contributions to the community through a volunteering program which is offered together with a number of partner organisations, as well as the Women in Law Mentoring Scheme (WILMS).
The Blackstone Society has a number of publications including an academic journal (Onyx), a social justice journal (Ignite) and handbooks for UWA law students covering both education and mental health (Blackbird).
In 2016 Law School students formed the UWA International Law Club (ILC), which works closely with the UWA Law School's International Law Research Hub and aims to promote the specific field of international within the Law School and the wider university community. ILC publishes an annual academic journal, the Perth International Law Journal, and a more informal weekly blog, JusT Cogens.  In addition, ILC organises events to raise awareness of international law issues, which have included speeches by former diplomats and federal ministers, student and expert seminars, introductory lectures, a quiz night and evening gatherings.

Our Staff

The Law School comprises over fifty scholars engaged in teaching and research in law and socio-legal studies. Continually evolving to meet current and future challenges, we have particular focus on internationalisation and multi-disciplinarily; Faculty have been drawn from top universities around the world including Australia, North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa and Asia and have broad ranging expertise delivering quality teaching programs and research with impact.
Scholars within the Law School are engaged in a diverse range of legal and socio-legal research areas covering public, private, international and domestic law, as well as law and society, justice studies and criminology. A number of staff are associated with our Centre for Mining, Energy and Natural Resources Law and others work within our research clusters, units and hubs.  Our research projects are focused on producing valuable scholarship with real-world impact through a variety of written outputs (books, journal articles, research reports, submissions) as well as disseminating information through public lectures, workshops, online and within our taught programs.
We collaborate with the Law Society of Western Australia and senior members of the judiciary and legal profession to provide continuing professional development opportunities for legal practitioners, judges and the magistracy. We also work with industry to offer executive education opportunities for lawyers and non-lawyers engaged in commercial enterprise and the not-for-profit sector.
Our staff are active in an array of networks, peak bodies and specialist organisations both in Australia and overseas. Internationally we work with university, industry, governmental and non-governmental partners to support legal education, build governance capacity and provide law and policy research and analysis in regions such as West Africa, the South Pacific and Asia

Our Courses

UWA Law School fosters excellence, integrity and inclusivity in student learning through a diverse and inspiring range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses teaching methods and learning environments.
With a focus on legal professionalism, through our taught courses we aim to produce students who are both civically and globally responsible and work-ready and ready to work through
- Aligning the doctrinal, the practical and the critical
- Embedding the intersection of formal knowledge, vocational exploration and development, and a commitment to the common good, into our teaching
- Linking the interests of law students and legal educators with the needs of legal practitioners and with the needs of the public
- Providing students with a broad education, preparing them for the profession and giving them ethical autonomy and the courage to act upon it
- Delivering an integrated curriculum and teaching practice, which will assist us to.
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